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Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

Every small business needs a Quality Website
as the Foundation of a Strong Web Presence.

Below are some of the reasons why.


Every day a larger percentage of consumers look to the internet first when searching for a business.  Almost all consumers no longer use the Yellow Pages to find a local business.  What they see online about a business, also referred to as the web presence of the business, has the largest impact on their decision about where and what to purchase.  It is vitally important to the health of a business to have a modern, quality, optimized and responsive website as the foundation of a strong and healthy web presence.

and keeping up with your competitors

Since most consumers use the internet to begin find and research local businesses prior to spending any money, it is important that your business gains credibility by having a website.  If you don't have a website, those consumers will simply ignore your business and go to your competitors.  If you have a website but it is old or homemade, you should replace it with a professionally designed website to give consumers greater confidence in your business.


Your business needs a solid brand, in order to properly promote the business, grab the attention of potential customers and stick in the minds of your existing customers. A strong brand is crucial to acquiring new business and fostering customer loyalty.  A good website is important to building and maintaining your brand.  A good website will allow easy to use, Social Media Integration which is important to building and maintaining your brand.

Consumers feel more comfortable doing business with a company or professional that they have checked out online, and found a strong, positive web presence.


TIP:  STAY AWAY FROM THE "FREE" WEBSITE OFFERS (you get what you pay for)
Also BEWARE "website builders" provided by hosting companies. Most who use them are disappointed because they are
often a ploy that allows you to build a simple website, but then charges more for monthly fees if you want SEO, etc. and
you don't own the website, you can't move it to another hosting provider...best bet use a professional web designer.

You might believe that you cannot afford to have a professionally designed website, but the truth is You Can't Afford Not To!   Large agencies can charge a small fortune to build a website and the quality may still be less than desirable.

TIP:  Find a local website designer, that has low overhead and provides custom, quality websites at an affordable price.
(Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC is an excellent example.  You can reach them at 386-624-1082)

A good website is the most cost-effective marketing available.  Once your website is up and running, your monthly costs are far less than a newspaper ad.   A good website:

-Target a Wider Market
-Showcase Your Products and Services

and Improve Customer Service

A good website will save you time and improve customer service and their experience.  The website is a resource for consumers to learn about your business.  They can easily find your location, hours, and what you have to offer, and the website is ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE to the consumers.  Your good website will keep customers informed of specials and anything new you have to offer and it will improve customer service.



To Learn More Contact SARAH Today
386.624.1082 - [email protected]

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designed & maintained by Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC  
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