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Who Invented the Pancake?

Pancakes and syrup

Who Invented the PANCAKE?

Pancakes are also called hot cakes, flap jacks, crepes, batter cakes, griddle cakes, johnny cakes, hoe cakes or other names depending on where you are from.  No matter what you  call them, most  people agree that they are  delicious!   So  who was the culinary genius who invented the delectable creation?

Since the pancake pre-dates written history, there is no way to give credit to any individual for the invention of the pancake, but even the incomplete history is interesting. Many believe that our Neolithic ancestors ate pancake like food. The remains of such an ancestor were found in the Italian Alps and the contents of his stomach showed that among other things, he ate pancakes.

Ancient Romans ate pancakes, and published recipes for them in the Apicius (a collection of early Roman recipes). Medieval pancakes lacked leavening and were much more dense and heavy then modern pancakes. In the 1600’s a Dutch cookery book included recipes for pancakes that added sugar, cinnamon and other spices. As time went on the pancake became ingrained in culture as a staple of some religious and cultural rituals, the world over.
Pancakes were the preferred breakfast of the “Father of Our Country”, George Washington who it is said, literally submerged the pancakes in maple syrup before eating them.

So it seems as though the pancake transcends geographical borders and even the recorded history of mankind. Personally, I love pancakes and, look suspiciously upon those who claim not to.

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