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Wellness One Chiropractic

    Since this is My Story, let me begin by stating clearly that this IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT.  It is however an endorsement of the Chiropractors Drs. Michael and Amberly Parkhurst, The licensed LMTs and Staff of Wellness One Chiropractic.  While being the editor of this and several other online magazines does not make me an expert, my chronic physical condition quite certainly does.

Wellness One Chiropractic

   In order to adequately describe the accomplishments of the Awesome people at Wellness One, that warrant this edorsement, I must give a brief description of my complex spinal condition.   

   My physical issues include but are not limited to,  herniated discs in my cervical spine (neck),  severe bulging herniated discs in my thoracic spine (upper-back) while all of the discs in my lumbar spine are pancaked and thin.  I have severe stenosis in my thoracic spine, that required double laminectomy surgery.  I have severe neuropathy (nerve damage/pain) in my legs and my feet were completely numb other than a severe prickling pain.  I have pain and other symptoms due to nerve root compression caused by foraminal narrowing and arthritis throughout my spine.  I have constant severe pain.  I have severe spasms, some of which have not released in several years.  I take medicine to block the nerve pain and to combat spasms (neither of which work well) that cause constant fatigue and nausea along with a host of other related side affects.  

My wife and children noticed that I wasn't getting better, I was getting worse.  I couldn't fight back the tears when my daughter said, "I know its not your fault, but we don't get to bond like other fathers and daughters do, because you just physically can't go and do things without getting tired or having so much pain that you can't take it".

   Because of increased numbness in my legs and new issues regarding tingling and weakness in my arms, I was sent to a new Neurosurgeon.  The new issues are being caused by the bulging discs in my thoracic spine and I discussed with my Neurosurgeon the options.  Due to the postion of the bulges, a trans-thoracic procedure which is high risk and would require the removal of a rib and deflation of a lung.  At that time, it seemed like I had two options.  I could do nothing and hope that the paralysis didn't continue to spread (hope that it didn't become permanent) (hope that it didn't affect my long muscles which could cause me to stop breathing and die) or I could get the surgery designed to prevent those terrible potential outcomes but came with its own list of negatives nearly as bad.  Fortunately for me, I went to Dr. David L. Greenwald, an ethical and caring Neurosurgeon.  He explained the dangers of the surgery and said that he wanted to exhaust every other possible remedy before scheduling surgery.  Dr. Greenwald specifically sent me to Dr. Michael Parkhurs at Wellness One.  It is almost unheard of for a Neurosurgeon to refer a patient to a Chiropractor and it speaks volumes about the skill and professionalism of Dr. Parkhurst that Dr. Greenwald specifically sent me to him.

I was afraid that a Chiropractor would cause more damage to my already damaged spine.
I couldn't have been more wrong.

   I'll admit, I was apprehensive about my first visit.  I was in pain and I had seen the best Doctors and had surgery and had medicines, etc.  I was afraid that a Chiropractor would cause more damage to my already damaged spine.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  During my first visit, Dr. Parkhurst spoke with me and examined my spine.  Then he had me lay face down on a table and the fear set in and I was tense.  Despite the tension and my chronic spasms he gently exerted pressure on my back and I felt a warmness and then a significant reduction in pain.  Before I left the office I realized that I could feel the balls of my feet, which had been completely numb for more than two years.  I would venture to say that the condition of my spine is worse than the majority of people with spinal issues.  I'm telling you, if you have a herniated disc or some other injury of the spine that is making you afraid of seeing a Chiropractor, go to Wellness One.  Dr. Parkhurst is gentle, knowledgeable and effective.

   Of course I have continued my visits, recently incorporating massage therapy to try to release the terrible chronic spasms.  I know that I have a long way to go, but for the first time I am getting positive results from treatment.  Every day I am getting closer to being able to live a normal life.  There are no words to express my gratitude to Drs. Michael and Amberly Parkhurst, Lillian Romero  LMT and Everyone at Wellness One.

Wellness One Chiropractic
2 Office Park Dr Bldg A
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Phone: 386-447-9930

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