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The Wallvines
The Wallvines local Daytona Beach band

About the band:

    When 14 year old Margaret and her 10 year old brother, Eli started joining in with adult musicians during open musical jams held at a friend’s bait, surf, and kayak shop two years ago, they had no idea that the seeds to a new youth rock band were being sown. Inspired by their new musical outlet, Margaret and Eli invited other young musicians to the open jams and eventually the right mix of young talent and personalities found each other and have been rocking Volusia County ever since.  

    The Wallvines are a 5 piece rock band ranging in age from 11-15 years. They have spent the last year together songwriting, practicing, performing and recording a three song demo in studio.  The Wallvines have performed at multiple local venues including, Frank’s Place, Our Lady of Lourdes’ Italian Festival, The News Journal Center (the Ophelia Project), The River Grille, and more. The band has also played private parties and is currently booked to perform Saturday, November 19th for the Tiny House Festival at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds. On stage, the Wallvines play a mix of classic and alternative rock cover songs along with some of their original music. While audiences are initially impressed by how well the band performs for their ages, it soon becomes evident that there is something more to this band than just young talent…a great sound. The Wallvines’ unique sound is born from a generous mix of heavy guitars and percussion, a touch of piano, and the big, beautiful vocals of the Wallvines two dynamic singers. The Wallvines do not strive to be a great youth rock band… they want their audiences to leave their shows feeling like they just experienced a great rock band, period.

Band Members:

Faith Hannon Wallvines Daytona Beach band
Faith Hannon:  Vocals, Piano, Guitar

    All of the Wallvines are bright, multi-talented kids, and Faith is certainly no exception. Not only are Faith’s rich, soulful vocals an integral part of the Wallvines’ unique sound, but her piano, guitar, and songwriting skills also help drive the band on stage and in the recording studio. Faith’s talent and dedication to music shine through in every Wallvines performance. Faith is 14 years old and beginning her freshman year at Seabreeze High School.

Eli Rixx Wallvines Daytona Beach band
Eli Rixx:  Guitar

    At age 11, Eli is by far the smallest member of the band, but yet he fearlessly puts on huge performances at every show. Eli’s rock performance roots sprouted at age 6 when he surprised and entertained his audience by playing Clocks (Coldplay) and Home Sweet Home (Motley Crew) at a piano recital. Years later, when the Wallvines needed someone to take on lead guitar, Eli proved he was the right “little man” for the job. He is a detail-oriented musician who is loaded with energy, creativity and talent. Eli is also an accomplished competitive golfer and an all-star baseball player who is beginning the 6th grade at Ormond Beach Middle School.

Margaret Rixx Wallvines Daytona Beach band
Margaret Rixx:  Bass

    Margaret is a true rock and roll aficionado. In fact, the Led Zeppelin I album was her parents’ go to musical choice to help calm her to sleep when she was an infant… it worked every time!  Margaret’s powerful yet melodic bass lines are an integral part of the Wallvines’ signature sound. She is also a talented songwriter who has an amazing ear for detail in the recording studio. Margaret is 15 years old and is starting her sophomore year at Father Lopez Catholic High School where she was awarded MVP of the Varsity Softball team as a freshman pitcher.

Jill Stockhammer Wallvines Daytona Beach band
Jill Stockhammer:  Vocals, Piano, Guitar

    Like a musical Swiss Army Knife, Jill is a talented singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist for the Wallvines. Jill began her musical journey at an early age as a classically trained pianist and singer. She picked up the guitar in her early teens, and from the first moment she started jamming with her future band mates, it was clear to everyone listening that something special was happening. Jill is a musical workhorse for the Wallvines and her angelic vocals perfectly compliment Faith’s soulful tones to help create the band’s signature sound. Jill is 15 years old and is beginning her sophomore year in Spruce Creek’s IB program.      

Beau Westfall Wallvines Daytona Beach band
Beau Westfall:  Drums

    Beau is a bright and talented drummer whose easy going nature perfectly complements the band both on and off the stage. With beats that are crisp and consistent throughout yet explosive when needed, Beau’s percussive style is the heartbeat of the Wallvines’ unique sound. Beau has also shown to be an excellent creative force for the band by creating original beats and musical compositions. Beau is beginning his sophomore year at Father Lopez Catholic High School, where he will be playing his second season on the Varsity Football team.

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