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Stephen Mandarano
"One Arm Bandit"

Stephen Mandarano (One Arm Bandit) is an extremely dedicated and hardworking musician who has overcome overwhelming obstacles in his career. Steve is the founding member of central Florida's based Afterlife, one of the areas hottest bands currently playing the entire central state area. As a TMG artist, his debut album was released in 2013 featuring mind blowing guitar instrumental tracks combined with melodic elements resulting pleasing to the ear work. Steve overcame his disability and has developed through hard work and determination into a Guitar Instrumentalist that rivals anyone in the business today.

Steve has worked as a studio musician for James Vincent Studios in central N.J. playing on various artists works, is a guitar instructor, does all his own recording and mastering, and is currently a Schecter Guitar and Floyd Rose artist.

The One Arm Bandit delivers an authentic, polished Hard Rock Instrumental sound. Inspired by some of the greatest guitarists of our time, the One Arm Bandit brings you masterful blends of astonishing guitar work coupled with quality, alluring song writing.  For booking info click here.

Steve also has a custom guitar shop.  "With One Arm Bandit Guitar's custom shop you now have more choices than ever to create your own custom instrument.  With added options like types of wood, neck options, and deep stained finishes are available to compliment the beauty of our highly figured maple tops.More important than our growing list of options is our commitment to building high quality guitars.  Our CNC 12,000 square foot plant in Florida is equipped with the finest guitar building machinery in the industry. All our guitars are built to your specs and set up to play the way you like. Why buy production models when you can buy fully customized for close to the same price. We also offer repairs and customizations. Please contact us to discuss your project today."

Learn more about Stephen Mandarano at:

Afterlife at Mark
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