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933 Beville Road #102D
South Daytona, FL 32119
Mon - Sat 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

So many times we read or hear that a business will, "Treat You Like Family".  It's almost a cliche' for a large company to try to humanize themselves by using this phrase.  I get the opportunity to say this about Sleep Now Mattresses LLC, because I am not only the writer of this article, but also a customer of Sleep Now Mattresses LLC.  

They say that a person can get used to almost anything.  I suffer from back problems and have a problem getting a good night's sleep.  I honestly didn't realize that my mattresses was so bad, until I got to try out a mattress at Sleep Now Mattresses LLC's store.  I wasn't expecting to buy a new mattress, but the high quality and the low price made it a no brainer. Do not under estimate the positive impact that good sleep can have on your life.  It can make you a more productive, clearer thinking and happier person.  You may be like me and not realize how bad your current mattress is.  I urge you to call Melissa and make an appointment to go a lay down on one of the brand name mattresses at her shop.  She won't pressure you.  What she will do is help you find a mattress to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Melissa Tserkis and her son Chad own Sleep Now Mattresses LLC.  I have never met more kind, caring and generous business people.  They offer brand name prices at a fraction of retail prices.  They keep their overhead low and pass the savings on to their customers.  They sell pillow gel...hybrids..  Memory foam...double sided mattresses..made in the USA!

They have financing programs available and Free Delivery within 5 miles.  When you visit, ask about their Mattress Refresher Spray, available only at Sleep Now Mattresses LLC.

Melissa and Chad are knowledgeable, caring and helpful.  They focus on kindness and love and they truly care about their customers.  They started the business in honor of Melissa's son and Chad's brother Anthony, who tragically lost his life in a terrible accident, where an elderly woman pulled out in front of his motorcycle as he was riding down the street.

Tragedy makes you think.  It makes you see the importance of life and the value of each and every person.  Melissa and Chad bring these thoughts and feelings to their business, every day!

Learn more about Sleep Now Mattresses LLC at:

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