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Salon Salon in Palm Coast

Leo Znascko is the owner/proprietress at Salon Salon in Palm Coast and despite the masculinity of her name, Leo is a beautiful lady.

Salon Salon is an independent, private studio that does only hair.  Leo believes that sticking to one thing allows her and her staff to be Great! rather than just good.  The salon was designed by Leo and her husband to be a "Contemporary, Japanese, Minimalistic style studio".  They begin their 6th year serving Palm Coast in October, 2017.

Salon Salon offers almost all coloring services on the market right now. Their team is, and remains proficient by continuing to take classes and training to keep up with any new processes, products, services etc. They can create any variety of hair color available.  Leo is most proud of their "Color Repair," saying,"People come in with broken or bad hair color.  They were unsuccessful at getting the results they were after and their hair turned strange colors."  Salon Salon can fix those issues.
Salon Salon is open from Tuesday through Saturday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  They do cater to clients who cannot make it during normal hours by offering after hours services, by appointment only.  They do try to keep it to one after hours day per week and that day seems to be usually Wednesday.  While they do allow walk-ins, they prefer appointments simply because many of the services they provide take some time and they don’t want people to have to wait.  So it is best to have an appointment.
When asked to describe her "typical customer", Leo responded with, "I don't believe there is anything typical about anybody."  Those words are spoken by someone who is obviously dedicated to providing individual, customized services to every person she serves.  She did add that the majority of clients of Salon Salon are ladies from 20 to 65 years old.  Salon Salon also has a steady stream of high schoolers and teenagers who want fun and friendly, vibrant colors and hair styles.


Salon Salon is different because they offer personalized service.  "It is not an assembly line, or fast-food style hair dressing.  We provide a much more personal service, environment and relationship.  Some of the chains do not want the stylist to connect with the clientele because they want them to be salon clients, because they don’t want a stylist to leave and take a client base with them.  We foster and encourage a relationship between the stylist and the client because that is a part of what makes the service wonderful.  Not that we become your best friend, but we get to know you, your preferences, your style and lifestyle and self-identity and keep those things in mind when suggesting and providing services. A stylist can’t do that if they are expected to spend only 15 minutes with each client and they have quotas requiring them to see a large number of clients each day or week."

Asked to define success, Leo said, "Success is different things to different people.  Thank God we don't define success in just one way.  To me, on a daily basis, success is making people happy - making people feel good about themselves, helping their self image and sense of security and self esteem by the way that they interpret themselves visually."

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At Salon Salon, they take their time to provide
"Custom Crafted Color and Hand Tailored Hair Cutting"
Just like the sign out front says

Salon Salon
3 Florida Park Dr N. - Palm Coast, Florida
(386) 283-5673

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