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Review of "Lies" by Sunlending Sky

I was asked to review the song “Lies” by Sunlending Sky.  You can learn more about Sunlending Sky at


The song is a cover of a song by Anna S Teazya (phonetically anesthesia).  You can watch the video for Anna S Teazya’s performance of “Lies” at

Although I could find no corroborating information, according to the Sound Click page for Anna S Teazya, they were a local Miami pop dance band that met with some success before dying in a plane crash. But that was long ago.

The cover of “Lies” as performed by Sundlending Sky is solid.  It is a bit more modern and better produced.  The vocals are clear and the arrangement is basically true to the original.  It appears to be an homage to Anna S Teazya, a band that never got the chance they deserved.

Sunlending Sky is a diverse group of composers, producers and musicians.  If you want to know who the up and comers on the local music scene are, then we suggest you visit their pages as linked above.  We hope they continue to make music and help other local talents by sharing their wisdom, talent and expertise.

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