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My Pro Computers Repairs LLC

My Pro Computers Repairs LLC is a professional full-service repair and support company for the small and large business, medical, and individual computer needs.  if you’re currently a user of computer systems, newly opening, or a company looking to streamline computer operations to increase profit margins, My pro computers is Qualified to help make the most critical decisions - technology.   For new companies or companies already in business, My Pro computers will evaluate your current technology infrastructure, create a report indicating processes for streamlining production improvements.  The company was founded in 1989 and remains technologically current.

My pro computers is a one stop repair provider for all of your company needs.  Including computer installations and training, repairs, networking, off-site date backups, data recovery, battery replacement for your laptop, printer repairs, off-site remote computer access.  My Pro computers covers all your needs, the “R” Repairs, “E” Electronics “S “software  “T” technology.

As a company the value and ease-of-use of the installed technology can make or break companies bottom line profitability margin, survival is key within the first year of operations. Businesses are facing an ever increased fast-changing technology environment, competing with worldwide competitors limited only by their technology. My Pro computers works with businesses both new and existing technology infrastructures, evaluates their needs, and provides real-world solutions based on the individuals business needs. With one goal in mind, create a profitable low-cost winning solution for the technology desired business structure.

At My pro computer repairs the objective is to deliver the most comprehensive and speedy resolution to your computer needs. Providing top quality workmanship, will make every effort to make your experience as hassle free as possible. Providing  hardware consulting pre-purchases,  training, repairs,  for Microsoft and Macintosh computer systems integration of networking systems and servers. Providing high-quality services at a reasonable price.

They provide services for: Small and Large Businesses, school systems,  health industry, medical doctor self practice offices,  Retail Stores and Home users.

Below is a short list of the provided services.
• Computer repairs and installations.
• Printer repairs.
• Software training
• Office and home prepurchase ” decision-making”  equipment and software consulting.
• Point of sales equipment and software solutions.
• Business and home office installation and training for Voice over IP and networking.
• Data Retrieval, Hard drives
• Computer classes on operating systems both Apple and Microsoft systems.
• Network installations.  Server installations
• IPhone training.
• Audio production work and editing.
• Video editing.

Call 386-597-7059
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