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of Martin and the Dead Guys

Martin Metzger is a seasoned professional musician from Nashville and a master guitarist.  Martin's journey with music started early, receiving his first guitar for Christmas when he was 11 years old.  He's never put that guitar down and has a true love of all music.  When he moved to Nashville, he was already a songwriter but he learned how to craft lyrics from the best songwriters in town.  He came very close to getting a deal with Randy Travis and Tanya Tucker on a couple of his songs.  He has played the famous Blue Bird Cafe as an invited songwriter and also was invited to play at Tootsie's. Martin has original songs which have been placed in film and TV.  He was recently invited to play the IBC Blues Challenge, Road to Memphis and was nominated for original song of the year (Hard Lesson's) and musician of the year for the Songwriters Showcase of America.  Martin has CD's available for purchase on iTunes and is planning to release 2 albums in the coming year.  

Martin's guitar playing and singing style is unique and provoking, focusing on blues, country and rock. I guess all guitar lovers have someone they admire and try to mimic.  That person for Martin was Stevie Ray Vaughan.  When learning the guitar, Martin wanted to play like SRV.  When learning at a young age, he started to mimic those SRV style guitar licks and continues to learn still through today because as Martin says, you can never "be good enough".  That discipline shows when he enters the stage.  Continually learning songs from iconic artists who have passed, Martin And The Dead Guys is a concept show that pays tribute to those musicians of the past and present. The audience enjoys a wide spectrum of music spanning from Frank Sinatra to Jimi Hendrix, John Denver to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Holly to Kurt Cobain and the list goes on and on. With a great list of classic songs that the audience can sing along with, cool blues riffing, strong guitar rhythms and a soulful vocal delivery, the listener will be thrilled to hear more.  Martin also performs his original music during his events which the crowd always loves.  In fact, he's had many people ask, "whose song is that" and when he tells them it's his they are in amazement stating "that should be on the radio".  You will hear a sampling of his songs if you watch the videos and listen to the songs on the links below.   

Now living in Daytona Beach with his wife Mandy, Martin performs throughout the area as a solo, duet or full band with his band, Martin And The Dead Guys.  Some of the local venues he performs at include Down The Hatch (now open with live music on the weekends), Om & Chill Bar, Flagler's Tavern, The Grind Gastropub and Kona Tiki Bar, Club 31, Caribbean Jack's and many others.  Martin's band can be booked by contacting us either through our Facebook page OR by calling him on his cell at (407) 271-2014.  He is available as a solo, duet or 3 piece band with a Doghouse Bass, Lead Guitar and Drums.  

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