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Local Landscaper follows family tradition
Local Landscaper follows family tradition

In 1957 cars had big tail fins and an average car cost only $2,749. Leave it to Beaver premiered on television that year and Slinkys and Hula Hoops were the most popular toys.
My name is Joylynn McGlumphy and in many ways, 1957 is the year my business got started.   That is when my father Tom McGlumphy began his landscaping and tree service in the Daytona Beach area, after attending forestry college in Lake City, FL., where he excelled in his studies. He is amazing, and can tell you the Latin and common name of any tree or plant in the state of Florida.

   As the years progressed, his reputation for reliable, quality service became known in the area. Mrs. Kelly from the Daytona Beach News Journal has written many articles about my father's knowledge of trees and how his jobs are always done with professionalism and care.

   When I was 12 years old, I went on my first tree job with my father. Dragging brush was all I was allowed to do the first summer. As I got older I received more responsibilities. By the time I graduated high school, I was running the ropes and chainsaws and the chipper. Like many girls, I got married right after high school and didn't get back to the business until 2000. Working with my dad has always been a great thing. I have learned so much just watching the man.  His work is truly an art form!

   In 2006, Dad and I were taking a break, sitting in the shade by a flower bed, talking about this and that. While we were talking, I was pulling the dollar weed out of the bed. Dad asked me, "Do you like doing that?" I told him not really but I like to make things clean and pretty. By the end of that summer, I had a truck and trailer with my own equipment. I started going around the community asking if anyone needed weeding done. That summer was awesome. I couldn't believe how many people hate weeding and trimming, basically everything that makes your yard pretty. As I am working building the landscaping portion of the business, I am still doing tree work as well. In 2007, a woman that was my boss at one time came to work for me. She really helped me get the landscaping business going. We went from just weeding and light trimming to summer and fall clean ups, gutter cleaning, building flower beds, and then maintaining them. In 2008, We started sub-contracting the landscaping work from a few lawn companies. For example, I recieved the monthly services contract for Richey Cadillac, which included weeding to tree work. This really got the ball rolling.  My goal is to carry on in the tradition of my father and to make Volusia county the prettiest place on earth.

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