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Local Entrepreneur, Inspired by Grandfather, Uses Unique and Clever Designs to Promote Health, Happiness, Relaxation, Longevity and Introduce the Lifestyle Lessons of “Blue Zones”.
Mary, the Designer of Nauti-Business™ was born and raised in the tropical island of Puerto Rico.  “My grandfather had a printing shop that he started when I was a little girl,” she said.  “It was set up in a cave, underneath his house.”  Mary’s grandfather started in a cave and built the printing business, now owned by Mary’s cousins.  Over the years the business flourished and is today a $10 million business.

When she was eleven years old, Mary’s parents purchased a condo on the East side of Puerto Rico.  From the 12th floor condo balcony, young Mary watched the boats coming and going imagining the possible adventures the boats and passengers may be headed toward.  She spent time near the ocean, looking at the sky and out to sea, immersed, elated and grounded at the same time – centered in the moment and open to positive, relaxing energy.  Mary followed her Nauti-Dream.

Mary later attended University, for a Degree in Communications with a Minor in Advertising, heavily centered on graphic design.  The latter it seems would ultimately be her calling.  Later she worked for an ad agency and then a company that designed greeting cards.  “No matter what job I took, I seemed to be brought back to graphic design,” said the designer.

Mary was living in a condo, overlooking a Marina and she was thinking about her grandfather’s successful business that began in a cave and she mused that she lived in a small condo that was a cave of sorts.  She pondered what, beyond his shear determination, made him a success and she realized that he created fantastic graphics.  He had printed one of the first newspapers for his city called, “The Impact”.  She fully recognized the connections and the impact he had on who she was.  It was then that that the inspiration for Nauti-Business™ began.


Mary and her husband Doug began Nauti-Business™, an online boutique that provides a convenient online shopping experience for consumers and boutique owners who want to stand out from the crowd with unique designs on a wide range of apparel and accessories and custom services.
Blue Zones are regions in which the inhabitants share lifestyle characteristics that promote longevity, happiness and overall well being.  Among these are:
·       Importance of Family
·       Engage in Spirituality or Religion
·       Social/Community Connection
·       Purpose in Life
·       Stress Reduction
·       Majority of diet derived from plants
(Legumes commonly consumed)
·       Moderate caloric intake
·       Moderate, regular physical activity
as part of life
·       Moderate alcohol intake (Wine)

Each of the designs of Nauti-Business™ has a message:    Family, Health, Happiness, Relaxation, Spirituality, Longevity and the Lifestyle Lessons of “Blue Zones”.  (Mary has independently studied longevity and “Blue Zones” around the world).
Learn more about Nauti-Business™ and the products they offer at:

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