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Jeremy Friebel extreme weather photographer
Jeremy Friebel is a local multi-talented photographer.  He can take your portrait or business photos, etc. with as much skill as anyone.  However, hidden inside this
photographer is a talent that sets him far above the majority of those behind the camera.  He finds and photographs EXTREME WEATHER PHENOMENA.  In other words he is a "mad man" but we are fortunate that he is.  Otherwise we wouldn't be able to view the wonderful images that he catches, like no other.  

Only a few, of the great images by this artist, are included on this site.  We are Thankful to have Jeremy as a contributor.  Enjoy his work, visit his pages (links at the bottom) and hire him for any of your photography needs.

Jeremy, in his own words:

"I grew up in Menasha, WI and live there most of my life. 2 years ago I moved to Florida to be closer to weather. In 2010 I went on my first tornado chase in MN and we seen many amazing cloud structures and wall clouds! I was hooked! 2011 I went on many trips into other states. By 2013 I was going all over from Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas , Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois ect.... I shoot with a Canon 7D with many lenses. A wide angle 17-40. An 8mm fisheye. A 50mm prime and a 300mm telephoto with a 1.4x extender. Honestly I used to be afraid of lightning when I was a child. Now I have had way too many close calls with it many of which I have felt. This should be a good start can u ask more questions to help me out? As for nature my love for that came from duck hunting with my father we would either go early in the morning as see the amazing sunrises or in the evening and see amazing sunsets. Naturally I fell in love with landscape and animal photography."
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