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Jay Paski playing guitar

Here is some information about Jay Paski in his own words:

"Well I started playing the guitar when I was 5 years old after watching the movie  La Bamba.  After watching that movie I became immediately drawn to the guitar. After begging my grandfather to get me my first guitar for Christmas I started to teach myself how to play.  I didn't have much instruction from anyone on how to play.  I took
lessons once a week for about 2 or 3 months and after I learned 3 or 4 basic chords I decided I knew enough to get me started. Besides, I hated doing anything that had the words, "Going to Class".  The fact was I then knew the chords of G,C,D,and E which were enough to get me started on my own.   At that point I had never tried to sing and play.  From the age of 5 to 16 I only played guitar. Then one day I was in the back seat of my sisters car and I started to sing along to the song "Santeria" by Sublime. My sister was blown away by my vocal ability which was something, considering she hated almost every thing I did.  I thought that if my sister likes my singing, then I must have something going here, since my sister was in the band for Ohio State she would know.   At that point I started singing and playing then I discovered Dave Matthews with his rugged soothing sound and that is what shaped me into the artist I am today. Now I do what I love to do for a full-time job which is sharing my music to people who are willing to listen".

Jay Paski singer and musician
Jay Paski playing guitar as a child
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