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How to Handle It!

What is hydroplaning?  As it applies to driving a wheeled vehicle, hydroplaning is when a vehicles tire(s) rides up on a thin surface of water. It causes the tire to lose contact with the road and results in a sudden loss of control.  It can occur even when the roads are only slightly wet, and it robs the driver of the ability to steer the vehicle and can cause even experienced drivers to panic.

The best way to handle hydroplaning is to avoid hydroplaning:  

Slow Down.  When it rains, reduce your speed and avoid acelerating suddenly.

Don't Use Cruise Control.  Never use cruise control when it is raining or the roads are wet.

Take Care of Your Tires.  Have your tires rotated and balanced as suggested by the manufacturer.  Replace warn tires and purchase higher quality tires that are designed to help prevent or reduce hydroplaning.

Avoid Standing Water.  In addition to possibly concealing impassable or potentially dangerous road hazards, standing water should be avoided in order to prevent hydroplaning.

What to do if your car hydroplanes:  

Don't Panic and don't Brake! Braking can cause your car to spin out or skid out of control.

Remove your foot from the gas pedal.  Lowering the speed of the vehicle without braking will allow the tires to return to contact with the road.  This can be felt by the driver and will restore the driver's ability to steer the vehicle.

Be Safe!

*TAKE NOTICE:  The "TIPS" are merely suggestions.  They are NOT professional or official advice.  They are only OPINION and reliance upon them is at your own risk.If you are a teen driver, talk to your parents.  If you are a parent of teen drivers or an adult driver, You should study the laws and rules of the road in your area.  There are many driving schools and you can find a list of the ones that are registered by contacting the State of Florida.

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