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Halo Violation featured in Local Daytona online magazine
Halo Violation is a power trio based out of Ormond Beach/Palm Coast/Holly Hill.  Featuring Johnny Marano on Guitars and Vocals, Anthony Sica on Bass and lead vocals and Ryan Via on drums, Halo covers a wide variety of artists ranging from The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, The Stones and Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, The Police, The Cure and Duran Duran.   With intense vocals and tight musical arrangements, Halo continues to wow audiences of all ages and musical tastes, shifting from 70s hard rock, to 80s alternative classics to modern pop in the blink of an eye, or at least a four count.  Founded by Johnny Marano in 2013 ( the band's name comes from a 90s college football penalty term) the group started out as an all-original band, featuring duel vocals and songwriting between Marano and Sica.  After a brief hiatus (Ryan and Sica both left the band for several months in 2014) 2015 saw the band return to form with an original catalog of over 30 tunes and the desire to put together a cover set of over 60 tunes, which resulted in over 50 covers only shows since Bike Week 2015 and Halo building a loyal fan base while recording a new EP (their fifth to date) entitled "Amsterdam" available at most live shows and for download/purchase at http://www.reverbnation.com/haloviolation and streaming at http://www.soundcloud.com/halo-violation

Halo Violation Band Performing
Halo Violation local band featured in Daytona Beach Magazine
Members of local band Halo Violation lounging around featured on Daytona magazine
Members of local Daytona band Halo Violation playing guitar featured in Daytona Magazine
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