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Hair Goddess Salon and Spa
by Sarah Whedbee

When you walk into Hair Goddess Salon and Spa at  236 River Beach Drive, in Ormond Beach,  you feel like you are walking into somewhere familiar and comfortable.  You may never have been there before,  but relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff will make you feel like a welcomed friend.  Alice (who is Goddess’ grandmother, although she doesn’t look like she could be) is at the front desk to greet you, check you in and answer any questions you may have.  Appointments are kept on time so if you arrive early you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait in a very comfortable chair.  

My appointment was with Goddess,  I only had to wait a few minutes, since I was a little early, then I was taken to Goddess’ chair.  She is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, yet it felt easy to talk to her.  We went over what I wanted and the best way to get it.  Then the magic began!!!   She washed my hair right at her station where the table lifted to reveal a sink and I was able to stay in the same chair the entire visit.  I really thought that was nice.  Not having to go back and forth in the salon.   I had been recommended by a member of my family, to see Goddess if I wanted to have hair color done.  Goddess has attended many advanced trainings for hair color and has a great deal of experience.   When it comes to getting your hair color done right, going to a knowledgeable and experienced professional is vitally important.  

Diane and Megan are part of Goddess' team of well trained professionals.  If you need to get your hair colored, or a perm or just a cut and style, I strongly suggest that you visit Hair Goddess Salon and Spa.

Hair Goddess Salon and Spa
236 River Beach Drive
Ormond Beach, FL

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