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Flagler Business Coalition
The PURPOSE of the Flagler Business Coalitions

The Flagler Business Coalition websites and social media groups are intended to be a means whereby certain, local, small businesses can be promoted and build mutually beneficial relationships.   NOT EVERY BUSINESS THAT APPLIES WILL BE ACCEPTED (see Terms of Use).  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

The Flagler Business Coalition is an Alternative to weekly/monthly "Leads Groups".  Having regularly scheduled meetings of any business social group can be a waste of time for the majority of those in attendance.  If you are, or have ever been a member of a "leads group", then you know this to be true.  The time is usually spent listening to one or two members perform a presentation about their business and/or random mingling of the same cliques at every meeting, week after week, month after month. It has been said that continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Stop wasting your valuable time.

As the membership grows, we may, as a group decide to have occasional meetings for larger groups of members to attend, if desired.  However, it is a primary function of the group to facilitate smaller, focused, productive meetings between two or more members, aimed at achieving mutually beneficial results.  It is also a function of the Coalition to facilitate introductions between members.

As a member, you may nominate a business to be added to the group, however, selection standards will apply.  Big W reserves the right to refuse, reject and/or remove any member at its sole discretion, for the benefit and betterment of the group and its other members.

Membership is Free! however there are some conditions to membership:

You must agree to (at least generally) learn what products and services other members have to offer and (as often as possible) use the services of and refer others to use the services of other group members - so long as you can do so in good faith.  If you have some reason why you are unable to do so, you should share those reasons (confidentially) with the group leader so that member’s participation may be evaluated to preserve the integrity of the group.

You must agree to give at least 10% discount to anyone in the group, so long as that discount does not put you in a position of losing money.  You can provide larger discounts for limited time as you see fit.

The Coalition is provided and managed by Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC.  In an effort to strengthen every individual business and the group as a whole and provide a showcase of its services to the general public and non-member local businesses, Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC will give a true 40% discount on all services to group members.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC.

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designed & maintained by Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC  
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