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Eileen Iseneker & Tim Fauvelle are
"Honey Moonshine"
HONEY MOONSHINE is a collaboration of long time friends with a different concept of putting a duo together with live drums and acoustic guitar.  Eileen Iseneker (acoustic & electric guitars, lead and backing vocals) and Tim Fauvelle (acoustic drums, cajon and lead and backing vocals) have worked tirelessly on selecting types of music that would fit in their project and satisfy their love of harmony. Their selection includes material from the 60’s to current music and they are also focusing on original material.

Eileen's love of playing, singing and songwriting began when she started learning to play guitar at age 7. Professionally, she has played both rhythm and bass guitar and she has numerous original compositions.

Tim is a long time singer and drummer and has formed and played with many bands in 25 plus years in the area   One of his creations was the Rhythm Sharks a long time blues rock band from 1995 to 2006, which had some of the best players who blessed the stage with great talent.  

Currently, Honey Moonshine is the Summer Friday Night House band at Marina View,  at the Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach,  where they will be playing from 4 to 8 thru August 11th. Honey Moonshine is also playing many other venues in Volusia County, you can find their schedule on their Facebook page and website. Future plans include going electric, recording in studio and bringing their music to more cities throughout Florida.

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