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Does Facebook Ruin Relationships by Elle Marie

Does Facebook ruin relationships? I posed this question in a Facebook thread and received a large number of responses from what I consider a wide variety of people.  While the responses do not constitute a proper survey or poll, they do represent several differing opinions about the question.

Most agree with Chuck Alsbrook’s response, “If Facebook played a role in the demise of a relationship, it was already dysfunctional and doomed”.

Many others including Christine Simon, Christy Symonds, Daniel Jaquish believe that, “Facebook does not ruin relationships, people do.”

Facebook may not be responsible for ruined relationships.  The responsibility lies with the people in the relationship.  A strong relationship is in no danger from Facebook.  However, Facebook can heighten insecurities and suspicion in a weak or broken relationship.  Facebook makes it easier to make bad decisions.  With little effort, someone in a committed relationship, can have message conversations with many potential paramours and can almost instantly be involved in virtual, emotional affairs.  Facebook can also be a diversion from participation in a healthy relationship, when one party makes it a priority over the relationship.

Vinnie Vee looked at it from a different point of view, saying that, “Misery loves company…”.  He has seen jealous outsiders who see someone in a happy relationship and use Facebook to, “Wreck” it.

It seems as though Facebook is just a thing.  It can’t lie, cheat or hurt anyone and therefore it can’t ruin a relationship.  If there was no Facebook it would be chat rooms, or telephones, or a car used as a tool to meet and cheat.  People putting things as a priority over a relationship has been happening forever.  Some examples are:  drugs, alcohol (any other addiction), former spouses, hobbies, etc.

Most people believe that the people in a relationship are most likely the cause of that relationship lasting or not lasting.  There may be outside influences, but if you are in a relationship, take responsibility.  Another theme within many of the replies is that we live in a disposable age and that can include relationships.  At the first sign of trouble, many people just walk away rather than working to fix a good thing that is just going a little sideways.  No relationship is perfect.  There will always be some issues.  If you have two people, equally committed to each other, no problem is too big to overcome.  ~Elle

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