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Del Clark
Del Clark holding black guitar
Del Clark was born and raised in DeLand. His Dad put a guitar in his hand when he was old enough to walk. Only three or four years old, he used to drag the guitar around the house because he was too little to carry it.  Del played his first show when he was 11 years old.  It was a talent show at his elementary school, when he was in the sixth grade. He played a variation of malaguena on a 12 string acoustic and then played paranoid by Black Sabbath on a Les Paul.

Del learned to play heavy-metal, punk, and hard-core music through his teen years.  He had a band in the late 1990s called Rhythm Bound.  They were the band for an oldies radio station in Orlando called cool 100.3.  They got that job title because they won a battle of the bands in the year 2000 in Orlando where they beat out four other chosen bands.  Del has opened for many national acts like Jerry lee Lewis, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, Johnny rivers, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Social Distortion, Shooter Jennings, Dick Dale, Dex Romweber, Marshall Lytle from The original Bill Haley and the Comets and many others.

In 2010, he played with The Kings of Hell in Jacksonville. Del played guitar for his current band, Knockdown Dragout, from 2008 until the present. He is currently working on a music project with Tony Sheridan Jr. His father was in a little band called the Beatles before they left Liverpool (google it) and was writer on a lot of their first radio hits here in America.

Del started out playing Gibson Les Paul's when he was young. His dad gave him his first silver burst 1979 Les Paul custom when he was 12. He got heavily into rockabilly in the early 90s and has been playing Gretsch guitars since. Del played a 1955 country club for over 20 years every weekend or every gig that he had. That guitar has had At least a gallon of alcohol spilled on it throughout that time, it's been set on fire is been dropped, it's had the neck glued back on at least A half dozen times. It was time for change so he bought a new Gretsch Black Phoenix and he absolutely loves it.  He runs it through a fender hot Rod Deville with 212 Celestion vintage 30 speakers. The only pedal he uses is a 1980s Ibanez sound tank digital delay that he leaves set and doesn't touch at all during his performances.  Del has also been into hot rodding his whole life. He has built several 1932 Fords from scratch. He is currently working on a 1932 Ford five window coupe, on 1940 Ford Standard, and a 1939 Chevrolet business coupe

Del played with Charley Zayas and the Midnight Ramblers in Orlando in 2001 and 2002. He started a rockabilly band called the Rhythmatics, and soon after that met a fellow by the name of Dale Brooks. Dale is a rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee. He had a hit in 1957 called the Ambridge boogie!

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Del Clark local Band Daytona Beach area
Del Clark local musician Daytona Beach
Del Clark Daytona Beach area Musician
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