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Chelsea Taylor Tubb is certainly a local talent.  She produces imaginative art that adds a "little bit of magic" and whimsy to life.  Let's be honest, who couldn't use a little more magic and whimsy in their lives.  They say love and art are the differences between living and just surviving.  Chelsea's art is full of life.

In her own words:

"It isn't something that developed or something acquired. It didn't happen over night or all at one time. I have decorated my life with doodles and colorful pictures since before I can remember. From blank paper and house walls to cartoons and colors bordering test papers and homework. Art has always found a way of adding a little bit of magic to the all of the things that make life a little less exciting. I am attracted to what makes something or someone different, so I try my best to capture that in my art. I add a sense of imagination to my paintings and to my sculptures that may be considered "whimsical". Pictures can encapture the moments that are hard to see again or difficult to see that well,
I find great satisfaction in creating a new image from an individuals mind and turning that vision into a reality.

My art has served in many spaces including yoga studios and galleries, meditation spaces and bohemian styled homes and environments.
I also do custom artwork for NFL/College Football teams, Star Wars, Marvel, Super heroes, ETC.

My dream catchers have mostly been customized for Nurseries or baby girl/boy rooms and wedding decor.
They have also been center pieces for bohemian styled weddings, shipwreck/beach weddings, and even rustic themed weddings.

I have made dream catchers for sororities and School events for the following universities: UF, Stetson University, and FSU.
I believe in having a happy heart and doing what it takes to get there."

You can see more of Chelsea's creations here:

You can purchase Chelsea's unique artwork here:

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