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by Shira Wild and Karen Adams
Bill Hamilton singing
Bill “Wild Willy” Hamilton, has been coined many times as being "one of the best local singers to the Central Florida area". His vocal range is amazing and his professionalism is to be admired. He certainly takes care of that "golden" voice. Many of you know him as the driving force within Psycho Magnets with that uncompromising singing ability, it has keep him front and center. To learn more about this musician we must go back to the beginning.

Bill is a man of many talents and interests; husband, father, son, band mate, bandleader, collector, and, it could be said, all around nerd. He moved to the Central Florida area in 1992 from New Jersey where he was in bands from an early age. When he was 8 years old, he had an inclination to play drums, and was pretty good at it, unfortunately at 12, he broke his arm and drums were a no go for some time. His musical drive had to take a front seat once again and soon he found that he could play bass with a cast on his arm. Then, at age 17, he moved on to being a self-taught guitarist.

Prior to joining Psycho Magnets in 2001, he was in a band called Junkstar, based in Florida, This is where, out of necessity, he had to sing. Being very shy and dealing with stage fright, singing was never an option or a thought, He had no idea what he was capable of doing vocally. He is the total package!  Psycho Magnets, now in their 18th year, finds Bill writing 95% of the lyrics and music for all of their originals which have appeared on all of the bands cd releases.

He wears many "hats", as they say, he is manager for both Psycho Magnets and his side gig Psycoustic, where he joined forces with band mate, guitarist, Mark McManus, in an acoustic endeavor to perform on off-nights from his main focus, Psycho Magnets.
Also, about a year and a half ago, feeling a need to quench his desire for his original love of drumming, he branched out and reformed Toy Box- a female fronted band made up of other local musicians. When scheduling allows he is able to take a 'backseat' from being the charismatic front man making this the one time he can just walk in, sit down, and play his drums.

Bill loves music, performing on stage, and the creative process of writing and arranging which is why he has his 'musical fingers' in many projects. His latest personal endeavor is to teach himself keyboard, and it's coming along nicely. The future of this talented musician is truly wide open. Be sure to catch one of his shows.

@psycoustic rocks.
Local musician Bill Hamilton Performing
Local musician Bill Hamilton Performing
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