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Bears and Lions band for children

Bears and Lions (and friends) Oh My!

The website for Bears and Lions explains:  "Bears and Lions is a musical stage show like no other. Located in Gainesville, Florida, these animals have escaped the circus and set out to break the rules and expectations of kids music and inspire children to be more accepting, tolerant, and free in everyday life.

Their live show is a collective of animals, including a Gorilla and a Squirrel, playing family friendly Rock and Americana Folk that quickly makes fans out of kids and parents alike. Together, this band of wild animals, motivate the kids to get up and dance, engage and even be a part of the show.  

Bears and Lions is an independently managed band that made a splash at KindieFest in 2013, played for a world-wide audience on Sirius/XM in 2014, and shook things up on PBS’s Pancake Mountain in 2015. Their mixing of a theatrical stage show and rocking live music keeps the kids involved and entertained as they tell their stories of their love of pancakes, following your dreams, making unusual friends, accepting others, and teamwork."  

Bears and Lions has another show coming up in August at the Depot Park groundbreaking here in Gainesville which is a real honor to be a part of and play.  What's more we are working on album #2 currently.  It's a seafaring album with the Bear and Lion looking for their friend the walrus and the adventures that ensue and the animal encounters that abound.  We hope to be finished by the end of the summer.

Learn more about Bears and Lions on their website:

and on their Facebook Page:

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