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Disabled Access to Volusia Beaches

According to Volusia County's website,

"Physically challenged beach patrons displaying a handicap insignia in their vehicles will be permitted to park adjacent to the east side of the established traffic lanes. Vehicles with a handicapped ID are admitted to the beach free."

There are, "conditions", regarding the parking on the east side of traffic lanes.

Disabled Symbol
"The website lists these conditions as:

East side parking is allowed only when tides permit.

Vehicles must display clearly a DMV issued handicap plackard.

Due to extreme congestion, east side parking is not to be permitted in these areas:
from the Silver Beach approach to the University Beach approach in Daytona Beach
from Crawford Avenue approach to the Third Avenue approach in New Smyrna Beach."

In addition, " 'Handicap Parking Only' spaces are provided at all lifeguard stations with the exception of the North County Lifeguard Station at 1665 Ocean Shore Blvd. (Roberta Road Cross Street) in north Ormond Beach."

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