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Bayne Hayes the Owner and Chef at BAYNE'S BARBEQUE has created a wonderful restaurant, with an inviting family atmosphere.  Bayne's Barbeque is Barbeque at its best!  The "Made from scratch barbecue and sides," elevates Bayne's far above any barbeque restaurant in the area.

A great small town, with great locals and an awesome beach, Flagler Beach is fortunately where Mr. Hayes decided to create a unique place to share his culinary talent. Quoting Bayne Hayes, the restaurant is, "Rustic and partially industrial looking a lot of repurposed items were used to include wood from hurricane Matthew, bowling alleys and old high schools bleachers".

However unique, cool and interesting the restaurant is, the food is the star of the show.  Specialty sandwiches, great appetizers like cheese fries, bbq nachos, outstanding beef ribs, baby back ribs and St Louis ribs, as well as pork, beef brisket and chicken all cooked fresh daily.  The beef short ribs, smoked 18 hours has over half a pound of meat around one large bone. They are so tender and rich it is unbelievable.  

We wouldn't dare ask Mr. Hayes for his recipes.  There does however, seem to be one ingredient that you can taste in every dish served at Bayne's Barbeque. Every dish is cooked with LOVE!

Beef Brisket, a mild horseradish cream
sauce, provolone cheese, potato salad,
topped with crispy onions on rye bread.

Our new creation! Pulled pork, bacon,
cheese, caramelized onions, between
2 glazed doughnuts, garnished with
jalapeƱos! Yes, Doughnuts! It's delicious!!
Come in and give it a try!
Only at Bayne's!


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