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A Bad Apple
& The Invisible Man

   When I was 14, my mother and her sister had an errand to do.  So they left me with my Uncle Joel, who had an antique shop and taught painting classes.  He was busy with a very interesting man.  I later found out he was a buyer of antiques and a good friend of my uncle's.  The man was Claude Rains.  They remained lifetime friends.  I was waiting for what seemed to be a very long time, and I was getting hungry.  I noticed that I was seated in a tight part of the shop and next to me was a beautiful bowl of fruit.  So, looking around, i picked up an apple, and yes took a bite out of it.  Just as I did my uncle got very upset.  I had taken a bite out of a 100 year old wax fruit apple.

    He got upset as I did.  To appease me and calm me down, he handed me a lovely little album of beautiful pieces of raised paper.  They are now called ephemera.  It contained Victorian Paper Lace Valentines from the early 1900s, made in Germany.

    From that day, I have been an avid collector of albums with drawings from Maude Humphrey and so many other artists.

    I have albums of many pieces of perfectly kept paper.  More than that I have my memories of Uncle Joel and Claude Rains*.

                   ~Tina Jaquay
                      Palm Coast, Florida

*Claude Rains was a film and stage actor, arguably best known for portraying "The Invisible Man".
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