Promoting the Positive in Daytona Beach and East Volusia
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My wonderful wife and I went to A local Italian restaurant one night for stromboli and the dining room was full so we sat at the one of the two booths near the bar. Another family, with several children, decided to eat on the deck. After the server took the food out to them a young boy (about 8 years old is my guess) came inside and went to the bar and confidently asked, "Can I have a SOUVENIR." The nice employee behind the counter asked him what it was that he wanted and he repeated several times that he wanted a "SOUVENIR".

The request baffled the employee who was rightly proud of herself that she had found a refrigerator magnet to give to the young man as a souvenir.

After she gave it to him the boy looked confused and forlorn. He didn't leave the area. Another employee saw him and asked what he wanted. "A SOUVENIR," he replied with a sad expression. She asked what kind of souvenir he wanted and he replied, "One with a fork." Ends up the kid was sent inside by his parents to get "SILVERWARE," which was promptly provided by the staff and as the boy walked away the room erupted in laughter.
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