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The Girl on Fire Band members are without a doubt talented entertainers.  I don't believe any group could claim to be better when it comes to audience participation.  When they are on the stage, people watch, listen and are moved to sing along and even get on stage.  Many groups would discourage or even forbid so much audience involvement, as it can distract the performers and detract from the performance.  The egos of the Girl on Fire Band are not threatened by the audience.  They come to play, entertain and have fun! Members of the audience can rarely resist the urge to join them in song and fun!

Sisi's vocals are powerful and her voice can be gravelly and tough or smooth and sweet depending on the need, and she is backed up nicely Bruce, Vinny and Tony.  Without doubt their performances are very entertaining and most memorable!

Band Members:
Sisi/Lead Vocals
Bruce/Lead Guitar/Vocals
Vinny/Bass Guitar/Vocals

Girl on Fire Band Flyer
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