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by the Numbers
Easter Bunny Resting
Easter is by all accounts second only to Christmas, as holidays go.

Total annual spending on all Easter-related goods $14.6 Billion

Total annual spending on Easter candy $2.1 Billion

Average annual amount spent online on Easter candy, clothes and supplies $225.43

Average annual amount spent in bricks-and-mortar stores on Easter $131.04

Average amount spent on Easter clothes $60.55

Average amount spent on Easter candy $28.11

Average amount spent on Easter food $61.74

Average amount spent on Easter flowers $31.66

Gifts $46.70

Decorations $28.11

Greeting Cards $17.20

Other $40.82

Pounds of easter candy purchased annually 120 Million

Number of Jelly beans made for Easter 16 Billion

Percent of Easter candy purchased that is chocolate 70 %

Number of chocolate bunnies made for Easter each year 90 Million

Percent of Americans who say chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first 76 %

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