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Barbara Simmons
Barbara Simmons local photo artist in Daytona Beach

“I believe the emotional content of an image is the most important element, regardless of the technique. Therefore my goal is to evoke an emotional reaction.  One that remains in the heart.”
- Barbara Simmons

Barbara Simmons is a ‘photo artist’ whose images are being marketed world wide by Art Licensing Inc.  Her images have been featured in galleries, books, magazines, cd covers, and live musical productions.  

For Barbara, it’s the click of the shutter that signals the start of a new creation… that instant of stillness, the quiet excitement of knowing, the joy of being present in the present.  Every action thereafter, in creativity, stems from that one moment captured.  Once the image is uploaded and while working in the technologies available to photographers, rarely does Barbara actually know for certain the next step that will reveal that “emotional recognition” of the moment.  Layering image textures, using photographic composites which is combining two or more separate photographs to create an image, painting with light; all these techniques are the actions that lead closer to the mystery that unfolds. But certainly, each individual image dictates the action taken.

Being a resident of New Smyrna Beach, Barbara takes advantage of the beautiful environment that surrounds her.   This is evident in much of her artwork as well as in her on location portraiture.

Along with her fine art and portraiture work, Barbara finds the time to be contributing photographer for the band Two Wolf, (alumni of Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd & Johnny Winter Band) as well as guitar virtuoso Brad Sayre.    

Check out Barbara’s website to see the full extent of her talent & and photography services offered.

Sample of photo art by Barbara Simmons local artist in Daytona Beach
Lighthouse photo art by Barbara Simmons local artist in Daytona Beach
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