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Bearly Dressed
by Wm. Whedbee

Bearly Dressed poem by Daytona Poet William Whedbee

Once upon a time, while camping
I was in the stream, washing my bits
When just then, a bear came a trampling
Scaring me half out, of my wits

Then remembering my scout training
I raised my hands and waved them ‘round
I tried to yell but my voice was straining
And produced only a whimpering sound

He growled and snorted in my direction
Then inside my tent he peeked
To the best of my recollection
Naked through the woods I streaked

The bear gave chase and in my terror
I chuckled once I must confess
The bear though vicious, was the wearer
Of my bright yellow tent, as a dress

The tent around him made him twiddle
I ran down the holler then up the pike
Smack into the very middle
Of Girl Scouts on a nature hike

He was scared away when they shrieked and cried
And although I adamantly protested
The Ranger was certain that I had lied
So I found myself naked and arrested

Alive and cuffed in the Ranger’s truck
No idea how to get out of the mess
The crackling radio changed my luck
With reports of a bear in a yellow dress

“Bearly’ dressed
© 2016 W. Whedbee

Bearly Dressed poem by Daytona Poet William Whedbee
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